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Keiko: A Kenshi's Journey This is an excellent blog by Chris Ruiz, a member of Spokane Kendo Club and Spokane Valley Kendo Club. It's a week by week, sometimes practice by practice, depiction of what the Kendo experience is all about. Not a philosophical description from a high ranking Kendo teacher, but refreshingly, from someone going through the inspiring struggle of developing Kendo basics, conditioning, and application of basics.
Kendo-USA.org This web site is by Curtis Marsten Sensei. Tons of useful Kendo information.
Kendo-pnkf.org Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation.
AUSKF.info All United States Kendo Federation.
Martial Arts and Ways Tom Bolling Sensei's Kendo research site.
General Kendo History Kendo history.
Pacific NW Kendo History Kendo has been in the Pacific Northwest for more than a hundred years; longer than any other martial art.
Kenyu Online The Monthly Newsletter of the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation.
JapanWeekSpokane.com A Celebration of Japanese Culture in Spokane

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