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Instructional Seminars

Visiting Teacher Seminars

Spokane Kendo Club is an official branch school of the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) and the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF). As such, we are supported by the PNKF with visits and seminars by high-ranking Kendo teachers, ususally about every other month.

In addition, there are several other kinds of seminars throughout the year.

The seminars for 2010 are as follows:

Jan 10th: Robert Stroud Sensei - Spokane
Jan 16th: PNKF Kata Seminar - Kent
Feb 27th: PNKF Iaido Seminar and Shinsa (rank testing) - Bellevue
Feb 27th: PNKF Kendo Shinsa (rank testing) - Bellevue
May 31st - Apr 3: Nito-ryu Seminar - Boise, ID
June 12th: PNKF Shinpan Seminar - Kent, WA
June 19th: Women's Seminar - Seattle, WA
June 26th: AUSKF Iaido Seminar and Shinsa (rank testing)
Aug 7th: PNKF Kendo Shinsa (rank testing) - Bellevue, WA
Aug 7th: PNKF Kendo Shinsa (rank testing) - Bellevue, WA
Aug 21st: Spokane Open Invitational Tournament - Spokane, WA
Aug 22nd - 25th: Spokane Kendo Camp - Spokane, WA
Oct 2nd: PNKF Shinpan (referee) Seminar - Kent
Oct 9th: PNKF Iaido Seminar - Bellevue, WA

2010 Spokane Kendo Summer Camp

Every summer Spokane Kendo Club hosts a Summer Camp for all ages.

The camp combines Kendo training twice a day with a variety of fun camping activities.

Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation members should contact Russ or Wendy Sinclair Sensei to make your reservations and find out about costs, etc

2010 Winter Training

To be announced soon.

Equipment Seminars

Equipment seminars are held about every 8 weeks on a Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. Each seminar has four parts:

Shinai Seminar (10-11 am)
This seminar is for the "care and feeding" of your shinai. Students learn how to take their shinai apart, repair it, lubricate it, and put it back together.

Uniform Seminar (10-11 am)
How to properly wear, fold and care for your keikogi (Kendo jacket) and hakama (Kendo pants). Also, the reigi (manners) associated with wearing your uniform.

Food Seminar (11-12 pm)
In this part of the seminar we EAT and watch Kendo videos.

Armor Seminar (12-2 pm)
Those who are ready to start wearing Kendo armor receive it in a special ceremony and learn how to assemble, wear, put away and care for their armor. They also begin learning the reigi (manners) associated with wearing armor.

During the Armor Seminars, those who are not yet ready for Kendo armor have a chance to put on armor and see what it's like!

Scorekeeping Seminars

Every October, we offer a seminar to teach our members how to assist at tournament scorekeeping tables. The skills of timekeeping, scorekeeping, announcing matches, etc., are emphasized. If you miss the seminar, it will be available here as a video file.
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