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The USA Men's Kendo Team Defeats Japan and takes 2nd Place at the 13th World Kendo Championships!

The World Kendo Championships are held every three years. The 13th Annual World Championships were held in Taiwan in 2006. The USA has never defeated Japan before, so this was an historical first. The US was betten by Korea, who took first place.

Congratulations Team USA !!!

Tournament Results

On this page we will announce the results of Spokane Kendo Club's tournament participation. Tournaments are a small part of Kendo training. In fact, not everyone who practices Kendo participates in tournaments. For those who do, it provides an exiting way to put themselves in an intensified environment that tests their physical and mental skills and their spirit to the fullest. We strive to win when participating in the sport aspect of Kendo, but not to the point that it overrides the higher ideals and values of Kendo, such as positive spirit, manners and puting others first.

Steveston, Canada Taikai (February 9th)
Richmond, BC

Congratulations to one of our members, Ai Takado sensei, for winning the Women’s 2 Dan and Up Division.

Nine of us went up for the tournament. The trip to Canada was certainly memorable this time. We left Friday morning. When we arrived at Moses Lake we checked the mountain pass report and Snoqualmie Pass was CLOSED. It was expected to be closed all of Friday and Saturday, which it was. There was no other way across Washington State, so we jumped over to the Tri Cities and went through Portland! The total trip to Steveston was 14 hours instead of 10, but as usual we had fun the whole way.

Next year we just might fly!

Highline Mudansha Taikai (March 15th)
White Center Park Community Center

Seventeen members of Spokane Kendo Club made the trip to the annual Highline Mudansha (below black belt) Tournament. Eleven members entered. Congradulations to Billy Kuster and Chris Thompson who tied for 4th place. It was the first tounament for a few of them and they all did exceptionally well. They kept a great spirit and the quality of their basic technique did not faulter under pressure.

Spokane scored more total points than any other dojo at the tournament, so we won the Team Championship. Congradulations to everyone for your team spirit and strong efforts.

We stopped at Tsunami Restaurant in Moses Lake on the way home. The head chef, Kiyoji Miyamoto, was Sinclair Sensei's roomate in Japan during the 1960s (geez they're old), so its always like old home week. The food is always soooo good.

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